Cradle Urns

 Beautiful Wooden Cremation Urns for Baby Ashes  Cherry stained with elegant, Heart Shaped Accents


An Urn for Preemies in the First to Second Trimester Miscarriage and Fetus Urn

Cherry Preemie Urn

Preemie Urns

Volume:    8 Cubic Inches

Size:  3” H  x  6”  L  x  2 5/8” W

Preemie Cradle Urn


Cherry Baby Urn

Baby Urns

This Urn is for Third Trimester, Stillborn and Newborn Babies


Baby Cradle Urn

Volume:   21  Cubic Inches

Size:  3.5” H  x  7 3/8” L  x  3 1/8”

Infant Urns

This Urn for Infants up to Fifteen Months Old


Infant Cradle Urn

Volume:    42 Cubic Inches

Size:  4 1/4” H  x  9”  L  x  3 5/8”

Cherry Infant Urn

Baby Cradle Urn


What size of urn should you purchase?

Urns are sized according to volume, in cubic inches.

By choosing a larger size urn, you will have sufficient room for tiny mementos such as a hospital bracelet for preemies and/or booties. With our Baby Urn and Infant Urn we provide for free a small white flannel bag for this purpose.  See Purchasing Guidelines.

* All sales are subject to inventory on hand.

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