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Selecting a Baby Casket

Other baby casket manufacturers:

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A funeral director can guide you in the selection process from baby caskets they have in stock, from catalogs or over the Internet and they can guide you with the pricing.  They also can have the baby casket shipped directly to their funeral home, reducing the stress on you as a family.

Many times, you will only have a day or two to select a baby casket. Because of the emotions involved in the entire funeral planning process, you may not remember everything you normally would when selecting a casket. If that is the case, you may want to take a family member or close friend along to help you with the selection and with any contracts that may need to be signed. If you are purchasing a casket ahead of time for a child who is terminally ill, the entire process may be a bit simpler. If this the case, write down any questions or concerns you may think of before you go to the funeral home.

If you do not wish to use a funeral home to guide you in your casket purchase, here are some things to keep in mind:

Funeral homes are not allowed to charge a handling fee if a casket is purchased elsewhere.

They cannot refuse a casket or ask for a receipt if a casket is purchased elsewhere.

Funeral directors and personnel may not slander the company from where your casket was purchased.

Other manufacturers offer a variety of other materials, styles and colors, depending on your budget and taste.  You can even have one customized to your liking.  They come in metal, composite materials, wood and even biodegradable.  They can offer interiors that are tailored, tufted or ruffled in materials such as crepe, velour, linen and velvet.

Whitewash Infant Casket with Lid on Display Whitewash Infant Casket with Lid on Display

Because this will be your baby’s final resting place, it is important to find the casket that you want.  Take the time you need to choose the correct one.  To help you, here are some helps in choosing the best casket (baby coffin) that we manufacture.  If you do not find what you want from our selection, at the bottom of this page are hot links that will take you to other baby casket manufacturers.

Our baby caskets start at 12 inches, for first trimester Preemies.  We also have an 18 inch baby casket for second to third trimester Preemies and for Stillborn babies.  We have a 24 inch baby casket for larger stillborn babies and for infants up to about 2 months old.  And finally we have a 30 inch baby casket for infants up to one year old.

These baby coffins are designed to look like a cradle and surround the baby in soft white flannel and lacy white eyelet.

    Each interior is adorned with a set of pink or blue hand tied satin bows.

     A removable lid preserves the cradle appearance during viewing.  

     They are made of solid wood and are available in either Cherry or a Whitewash stain.