Caskets (Burial Cradles):

Each casket was designed with an approximate age to guide your size choice.  The suggested sizes:

Our  Preemie Casket is a Burial Cradle for preemies in their first to second trimester.

Our  Stillborn Casket is a Burial Cradle for preemies in the second to third trimester and stillborn babies.

Our  Newborn Casket is a Burial Cradle for newborn babies up to two months old and for smaller infants.

Our  Infant Casket is a Burial Cradle for infants from two months up to one year old.

The larger Burial Cradles should be given consideration if you are dealing with the loss of twin babies.

Remember that babies are generally in a fetal position, with their legs curled up.  Every baby’s growth is unique; some are larger and some smaller.  As you choose a casket, please keep this in mind for you may need to  choose a smaller one or a larger one depending on your baby’s size.  

Often loved ones want to put a special blanket, toy, stuffed animal or religious object in the cradle.  If this is important to you, select a casket that has sufficient room to accommodate those items.  The Burial Cradle was designed with this in mind, and to help you with your healing process and to bring you peace.  

We recommend two pallbearers be used to carry the Infant and the Newborn Burial Cradles..  The hearts are not only decorative, but function as handles as well.

Cradle Urns:

The following sizes are available:

     Our Preemie Cradle Urn is for preemies in the first to second trimester (8 Cubic Inches).

     Our Baby Cradle Urn is for babies in the second to third trimester and up to stillborn (21 Cubic Inches).

     Our Infant Cradle Urn is for stillborn and newborn babies and infants up to one year old (42 Cubic Inches).

How to determine the proper urn size:

Urns are sized according to volume, in cubic inches.  A simple rule to guide you is 1 pound = 1 cubic inch.  For example, for 8 pounds you would need at least 8 cubic inches.  It is always good to have more space in the urn than you need. Remember too that if a baby or child is cremated in a casket, you will receive back more ashes.  For the smallest infant you would need to add on at least 5 cubic inches.  Using the example above, 8 pounds plus 5 cubic inches extra to account for the casket would require at least 13 cubic inches so our Baby Urn (which is 22 cubic inches) would have plenty of room for the ashes.

By choosing a larger size urn, you will have sufficient room for tiny mementos such as a hospital bracelet for preemies and/or booties.  With our Baby Urn and Infant Urn we provide for free a small white flannel bag for this purpose.  

Casket Terminology:

Burial Cradles are wooden caskets in which to place a baby for interment.

Cradle Urns™ are made of wood and are used to contain the cremated remains (ashes).

Casket hardware refers to the detachable hinges and the latch used to secure the lid into place.  

Baby Development Terminology:

Preemie refers to the development of the baby up until birth.

The first trimester of pregnancy is week 1 through week 12, or about 3 months.

The second trimester is week 13 to week 17.

The third trimester is week 28 to birth.

Newborn refers to babies from  birth to two months of age.  

Infants are from 2 months to one year old.

Stillbirth is the natural end to a pregnancy after 20 to 28 weeks of life.

Preemie Casket Stillborn Casket Newborn Casket Infant Casket Cradle Urns
Preemie Casket Interior Cherry Casket Sideview Casket Hardware Cherry Casket Endview

Side View of Cradle

Cradle Interior

End View of Cradle

Hardware Detail of Cradle

Purchasing Guidelines

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 12” Preemie Casket

 18” Stillborn Casket

 24” Newborn Casket

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