Helping Families Heal

Grieving Baby Loss

“A parent’s grief is uniquely painful because a parent’s love is uniquely strong. Parents not only love their children unconditionally, wholeheartedly, and selflessly, but they are also responsible for them.  - Dr. Alan Wolfelt

Grieving Baby Loss

 Selecting a Baby Casket

When facing premature baby loss, or the death of an infant or a small child, purchasing a baby casket is one of the first steps in the long healing process. Learn more on how to select the baby casket that you want from the supplier of your choice.

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Planning a Baby Funeral

“Most people have no idea where to begin to plan a funeral for an infant, and that's okay. There is no specific organization that must be met for a service, and the only thing that is important is that it honors your baby in whatever way best meets the needs of you and your partner.”      VeryWellFamily

Infant and Preemie Burial

Each state has laws affecting what happens to a body after death. For example, most states have unique rules about embalming, burial or cremation, scattering ashes, and how to get a death certificate . . .

Burying a Baby

Remembrance Photography

“While parents sometimes at first do not think about receiving images of their baby, they are always thankful they did . . .”

Now I lay me down to sleep Organization

Remembrance Photography

Baby Loss

Suffering the Loss of a Baby

“It's normal to feel shock, grief, depression, guilt, anger, and a sense of failure and vulnerability when you lose a pregnancy.

The days, weeks, and even months following a loss can be incredibly difficult . . .

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Choosing a Funeral Home

Use this step-by-step guide to help you find the best funeral home for you and your family. By learning how to choose wisely, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Funeral Home Search

“Writing an obituary for a child is usually an emotional task for the child’s parents or loved ones. The obituary must honor the child and help to celebrate their life.”

Writing an Obituary

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