Avg Interior Dimensions:     6” H   X    17”  L  X     7.5” W

Exterior Dimensions:        10.5” H  X  20.5”  L  X  10.5” W

Also called Stillborn Caskets

Second Trimester Caskets for Preemies

and Stillborn Babies (18 Inch Casket)


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Stillborn Caskets

Tiny Baby Coffins

These beautiful Stillborn Burial Cradles (miscarriage coffins) are for 2nd trimester to 3rd trimester (late miscarriage) babies, as well as for stillborn babies.  

   This casket for a newborn baby will surround them in soft white flannel and lacy white        eyelet.

   ●  Each interior is adorned with a set of pink or blue hand tied satin bows.

    A removable lid preserves the cradle appearance during viewing.  

    They are made of solid wood and are available in either Cherry or a Whitewash stain.

This is a Suggested Size for a stillborn baby.  The cradle size you need might be smaller depending on your baby’s size.  By choosing a larger cradle there will be more room for placing a toy, blanket or religious object in the cradle.

Stillborn Casket Details

Our Pillows

The pillows for each of our Cradle Caskets were designed by Funeral Directors to be small so that you can easily position the baby comfortably in the cradle.

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