Stillborn Casket

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Also Called a Stillborn Burial Cradle

 Second to Third Trimester Preemie and Stillborn

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Stillborn Burial Cradle Details

This Stillborn Casket is a beautiful Burial Cradle that is designed for Preemie Babies in the second to third trimester, and for Stillborn Babies.

This is a Suggested Size for an stillborn baby.  The cradle size you need might be smaller depending on your baby’s size.  By choosing a larger cradle there will be more room for placing a toy, blanket or religious object in the cradle.

Average Interior Dimensions:     6” H   X    17”  L  X     7.5” W

Overall Exterior Dimensions:    10.5” H  X  20.5”  L  X  10.5” W



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The pillows for each of our Cradle Caskets were designed by Funeral Directors.  The overall complaint was that the pillows provided in traditional infant caskets are too large, making it difficult to position the baby.  These pillows are not only quite small, but have a unique wedge-shaped design to allow for easy, natural positioning of the baby’s head; very important if an autopsy has been performed on the baby.

Our Pillows

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