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Grieving Baby Loss

Baby loss awareness is the first step a woman will take to deal with grief from miscarriage and infant loss.  “We all don't show our grief and loss in the same ways. It's [will] look different for everyone. And sometimes things will look okay and then you'll think it's over, and it's not because triggers come out of nowhere...  You know, it impacts families and friends and everybody.”

Dealing with the Grief of Baby Loss

“A parent’s grief is uniquely painful because a parent’s love is uniquely strong. Parents not only love their children unconditionally, wholeheartedly, and selflessly, but they are also responsible for them. When someone you love so very deeply and feel responsible for dies, your grief is naturally profound.

Veteran grieving parents have taught me that through active mourning, they not only survived, they eventually learned to embrace life again. It was not easy. But over time and with the support of others, their grief softened. It became a bittersweet part of their lives, still and always essential yet no longer all-consuming. You, too, can grieve and mourn fully so that one day you will live and love fully again.”

Dr. Alan Wolfelt

What is most important regarding the loss of your Baby, you need to find healing and peace.  We encourage you to visit The Compassionate Friends and read this wonderful article regarding the grief of parents when a child dies:

Of all the things a woman may go through, miscarriage may be one of the most poorly understood. You may feel terribly sad, yet alone, because some of the people closest to you simply don't grasp what you're going through:    


The Grief of Parents When a Baby Dies

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