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Cradle Urns
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Newborn Burial Cradles

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Delicate Burial Cradles

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Preemie caskets, Stillborn caskets, Newborn caskets and Infant caskets delicately designed as cradles.  They are lined in white flannel and lacy white eyelet.  The removable lid preserves the cradle appearance during viewing. They are made of solid wood and are available in either Whitewash or Cherry Stain.

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“A parent’s grief is uniquely painful because a parent’s love is uniquely strong. Parents not only love their children unconditionally, wholeheartedly, and selflessly, but they are also responsible for them. When someone you love so very deeply and feel responsible for dies, your grief is naturally profound.”  - Dr. Alan Wolfelt

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A Grandmother’s Tender Thought

  “It meant all the difference in the world to lay little Sloane to rest in   such a sweet Cradle.

  What a comfort to us and her parents to have her lay in such a   beautiful bed.”   Carolyn - Grandmother


“The death of an infant is something no parent should ever have to experience. Words cannot express the depth of our sorrow. We are here to share in your pain, aid you in your healing, bring hope to your future and honor your precious baby.however we recommend you seriously consider our services. You do not have to look at the photographs right away, but they will be there when and if you are ready.”

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